Choosing a famous celebrity as the subject, typography could only be used when creating the poster. No solid colors were allowed as well as distorting any letters, symbols or punctuation marks; other than the background. A legend and a quote from the celebrity were also required. One word had to be changed into "typography" for the poster. The subject was a requirement, but the background was optional. I decided to add a Chinese painting behind him to give the poster more of a narrative story in relation to his action-packed Kung Fu movies.
Unable to use solid colors for my subject (background color was okay), I had to think of ways to creatively utilize type as an art form. I wanted to create depth within my poster design by adding highlights and shadows on Jackie Chan. Since he was so detailed in the foreground, I decided to keep the background simple and gestural by selecting typefaces similar to Chinese characters; mimicking a Chinese painting. I grew up watching his films with my family and wanted to show him my appreciation.
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