This was one of my first projects at AAU and I had to think about how I could actively use the white space in my magazine. Wanting to challenge myself, I chose the topic about snow wondering just how far I was able to take it. I have to admit, it was challenging; but creating different shapes in my spreads allowed me to evoke dynamism and movement with some of the photos. Snow isn't just a stationary phenomenon; it moves in gentle and catastrophic ways.
The theme concept was about phenomenons all over the world and I had the opportunity to choose my selected subject for this magazine. The tricky part was it had to be about snow — not ice or any crystallization. I also wanted to utilize the white space as part of my theme and using a minimal approach to my design. The required context was of my choosing, but only that it had to relate to my subject. Choosing a few muted tones of colors, it gave a nice contrast to white snow.
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